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girl forgotten
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80s, adam brody, aerosmith, bad company, basketball, beauty and the beast, ben folds, blondie, bon jovi, bouncing souls, boy meets world, brand new, brat pack, britain, cameras, carbonated water, cds, chamber of secrets, cheap trick, cheese, christianity, collective soul, daniel radcliffe, daria, disney, donnie darko, dropkick murphys, dvds, emma watson, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, ferris bueller, five iron frenzy, foreigner, friends, full house, fusebox, gilmore girls, goblet of fire, god, goo goo dolls, grease, gryffindor, guitars, guns n roses, guttermouth, guys, h/g, hair bands, half blood prince, hanson, harry potter, harry/ginny, hermione granger, hufflepuff, jesus, jet, jk rowling, journey, kobe bryant, lakers, lion king, little mermaid, los angeles, love, lutherans, mean girls, megan mccafferty, millencolin, motley crue, movies, music, musicals, nofx, order of the phoenix, pictures, pink, pirates of the carribean, poison, polka dots, pretty in pink, prisoner of azkaban, queen, quiet riot, r/hr, ramones, rancid, ravenclaw, relient k, remember the titans, reo speedwagon, ron and hermione, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rupert grint, sarcasm, school of rock, seth cohen, sixteen candles, ska, slytherin, soccer, sorcerer's stone, sports, stand by me, streetlight, stripes, superchick, that 70s show, that thing you do, the black crowes, the breakfast club, the clash, the distillers, the eagles, the guess who, the oc, the pixies, the sims, the vandals, the who, third eye blind, to kill a mockingbird, tv, vanilla sky, vh1, weezer